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Join the Harmonic Flow

Our 2018 Fall season starts the week of September 18th
and ends with our June 15 & 16 end-of-season concerts.


The Gettin’ Higher Choir is a Victoria, BC choir that was founded in 1996 by Siobhan Robinsong who directed it until June of 2017 along with the help of co-director Denis Donnelly who joined her in 1998.

Since the 2018 Fall season, the Gettin’ Higher Choir has been led by Cathy Baker & Dick Jackson, coming together primarily for the joy of singing in community and is unaffilliated with any particular religion or spiritual path. We seek to embrace and celebrate humanity’s highest aspirations through music while welcoming people of all ages and cultures and singing songs from many eras and areas.

We get together in Tuesday and Thursday evening groups in James Bay and a Wednesday evening group in the West Shore. As a member you are free to pick whichever night suits your schedule best as your home night and you will be welcome to attend on the other nights if you wish.

For full details, see our main GHC info page.


Gettin’ Higher Choir New Singers Intakes

All voices can sing! All voices are welcome! You audition us, we don’t audition you!

As a non-auditioned choir the only requirement for joining us is that you must want to sing and, of course, that you want to sing with us.


If you enjoy the experience you are welcome to join us but you will need to register by the end of the second week.

We will welcome you with open voices!

Would you prefer to sing in the daytime?
Meets on Tuesdays from noon to 1:30 pm
No audition! Join any time! All voices welcome!


As much, or as little, experience as you have is ok with us. There is no audition, and no singing experience is required, just a desire to sing in harmony with others. In fact from season to season anywhere from 50 -70% of our new members start with hesitations about their voice and/or their ability to use it. Our choir is based on the absolute belief that all voices can sing and the GHC experience since 1996 tells us that any hesitations you may have will inevitably fade away as you relax into our very open and welcoming community of singers.

End Of Season Concerts

We end each season with a pair of benefit concerts that members can choose to sing in if they wish.   Usually about 2/3 of us do so.

Since December of 1998 our concerts for our Fall season (at the end of Jan / beginning of Feb) are annual benefits for the Power of Hope. Since May 30, 1999 our concerts for our Spring season (in mid-June) are annual benefits for various projects in Mozambique under the auspices of the Caia Connection.

All our concerts are held in the Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora).   For exact dates/times check our web site’s Choir Life: Calendar  in the time frames previously mentioned in brackets above.


We are a member supported choir with fees of $200 per season. Fees may be paid by cash, by cheque to Gettin’ Higher Choir, or by Interac® e-Transfer to We ask everyone who can afford that fee to pay it. We ask those who can’t afford the full fees to pay as close to them as they can. Beyond that we have a core policy that “no one misses choir because of money” and for those who need them we offer the following supports:

Payment Plans – Any member can set up their own series of payment dates and amounts as long as the last payment is due by Dec. 31st for Fall seasons or May 15th for Spring seasons. A series of post-dated cheques is preferred but a list of the payment dates and amounts is acceptable.

Sliding Scale Discount – Those who need it are welcome to avail themselves of this by paying whatever amount from the full fee down to $150 on the scale that she/hethey decide is appropriate to their circumstances (keeping the option of payments in mind).  .

Partial and Full Scholarships – If even $150 with payments is not doable for a member the choir’s registrar can authorize any level of scholarship fee including free.

Please Note – When extending these support we ask the member involved to provide a basic reason for their request. We don’t need details or a back-story just a few concise words. Senior, student or un-waged are the most common but others such as “on disability,” “temporarily unemployed’ and even “single mom of 3, only part time work” have been offered and accepted.

Email Notifications

If you would like an email reminder in advance of our new singers intake nights, or our concerts and other events, you can Sign Up On Our Email List. You will be able to unsubscribe anytime using a link at the bottom of any of our messages.

If you have any remaining questions about singing with us, please contact us at: