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the Gettin’ Higher Choir

Spring 2023 Season: Come In Person, or on Zoom!
Starting Feb. 14th

In the spirit of inclusion for ALL our friends and newcomers, the GHC will continue to offer the option of participating through Zoom. We will also record our Tuesday and Thursday Zoom sessions so you can always catch up or revisit anything you missed.

There are two 17- or 18-week seasons per year, starting in February and September. We host a concert at the end of each season, the proceeds of which go to support local and international causes. Between our Spring and Fall seasons we often host casual drop-in sessions, to which everybody is welcome.

If you are curious about joining the choir for future seasons, sign up on our email list as a Possible Singer—you will be alerted when a new season is about to start!

Newcomer Orientations: For the first two weeks, on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, newcomers are welcome to a half-hour orientation session that will begin at 6:30pm. Tuesday orientations will be in person at the Esquimalt Gorge Park Pavilion and on Zoom. Thursday sessions will be on Zoom only. 

Tuition for the full season is $200 which includes the option of attending any or all weekly sessions. Come once, come twice, or come to all three! (includes Wed. Sing-In… see below)
We continue to provide flexibility for anyone experiencing financial hardship. If you have the means, you are welcome to offer a community-sustaining addition to your fees. 

How to Join

To join us, or just to try out the Gettin' Higher Choir for a week or two: To keep coming back, within the first three weeks of our season, please:

How to Pay

Payment for GHC can be made by:
GHC Registration Fee Payment Level
Singer's Name (if not payer)


Choir fees are $200 for the season, with a sliding scale discount, as needed. As a member-supported choir, we ask that members pay the full fee if possible. If you need a discounted fee, we ask you to decide where on the sliding scale you fit based on your knowledge of your own finances and then let us know. Payment plans and even partial or full bursaries are also available as needed. Our bottom line is that no one misses choir because of money.

50% Off For a Second Family Member!

Each choir's "two family members" discount still applies: a second close family member can register for an extra 50% payment. Our registrars (contact info above) have the details.

50% Off Your Second Choir!

If you're the kind of person who can't get enough singing in the week, this might be for you! If you would like to register for the Wavelengths Community Choir (Monday nights) and Gettin' Higher Choir (Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday nights), we are offering the second one for half price. So, two choirs for $200 + $100 = $300, or just $150 each!  

Fees may also be paid by cheque to Gettin’ Higher Choir or with cash, if you arrange this by email to our Registrar.

Continuing: Wednesday Evening Online Sing-In Events!

Welcome friends (and friends of friends) for an evening of singing together! This is a weekly series of singing events led by Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson of the Gettin’ Higher Choir from our home in Victoria, BC, using the Zoom online meeting system. Singing is every Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30pm Pacific Time! 

We want to nourish the connections within our singing community and beyond, reminding us that while we are apart, we are very much in this together. Our hope is that our time together lifts your spirits and fills your heart with songs to carry you through the week.

We will mainly feature a wide variety of quick-teach songs, chants, rounds—some familiar, some brand-new—some from Ubuntu Choirs Network song leaders, some from Gettin’ Higher Choir guest artists.

All are welcome to join in Wednesdays free of charge. If you wish to contribute to our technology upgrade costs and to support the GHC Bursary Fund, which helps our choir to welcome singers in financial need, your donation will be gratefully accepted. This can be made using credit card or PayPal with this button:

or by Interac™ e-Transfer (no security question needed) to:
address for e-Transfer payments

You are welcome to copy this notice and send to friends who might like to join in, including this link to register for the event.

Click here to Register for Cathy & Dick's weekly Wednesday Evening Sing-In. You will receive an email with instructions on connecting to the event, and an updated link and password just before each Sing-In.