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the Gettin’ Higher Choir

The Gettin’ Higher Choir welcomes new members at the beginning of each season in September and February.

If you are curious about joining the choir, we encourage you to come during the first two weeks of a season to see how you like it. Each evening in the first two weeks is preceded by a half-hour orientation for new singers interested in learning about the choir. The orientation starts at 7pm.

There is no need to pre-register. Simply show up on one of these introductory evenings to discover what the Gettin’ Higher Choir is all about. We will be able to answer any questions at that time. If you decide to join the choir, you must register by the end of the second week.

Beginning in September 2018, there are three chapters of the choir, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each night sings the same material. Choose the one night that works best for you. You are also welcome to come to any of the other nights if you miss an evening, if you want extra practice or if you just feel like spending more time singing!

The Tuesday and Thursday groups meet at The Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street (Google Maps link), beginning Sept. 18 and 20, 2018.

The Wednesday group meets at Langford's City Centre Park, in the Eagle Ridge Community Centre building, where we will use their 500 sq. ft. "private party room", Room 104 (enter right near the Mini-Golf, behind the flags in this Google Street View), beginning Sept. 19, 2018.

All groups sing 7:30–9:30pm.

We meet through Thursday Dec. 20, then after a two-week break, start again Tuesday Jan. 8, 2019. This fall season wraps up with benefit concerts planned for Friday and Saturday, February 1 and 2, 2019 at Alix Goolden Hall.

(The former Monday group in West Saanich continues under Denis Donnelly as Wavelengths Community Choir. Please see their website for full information.)

There are two 17- or 18-week seasons per year, starting in February and September. We host a concert at the end of each season, the proceeds of which go to support local and international causes. Between our Spring and Fall seasons we often host casual drop-in sessions, to which everybody is welcome.


Choir fees are $175 for the season, with a sliding scale discount, down to $130 for seniors/students/unwaged as needed. As a member-supported choir, we ask that members pay the full fee if possible. If you need a discounted fee, we ask you to decide where on the sliding scale you fit based on your knowledge of your own finances and then let us know. Payment plans and even partial or full scholarships are also available as needed. Our bottom line is that no one misses choir because of money. (for more details on this, see our "Next Season & New Singers Info" page)

For more info, or to register, please write to Fees may be paid by cash, by cheque to Gettin’ Higher Choir, or by Interac® e-Transfer to

For more choir information including: season & other choir dates, fees and scholarships see our Choir Life section.