Since 1996, the Gettin’ Higher Choir has been welcoming all voices and affirming singing as everyone’s birthright — and yes, we would want to hear you sing! Shy voices can rediscover the joy of singing, and seasoned singers can find new harmonious company. The Gettin’ Higher Choir is co-directed by Cathy Baker and Dick Jackson in Victoria, BC, Canada.

We are not associated with any religion or spiritual path, but seek to embrace and celebrate humanity’s highest aspirations through music, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. There is no audition, and no singing experience is required, just a desire to sing in harmony with others.

Spring 2024 Season Starts Feb. 20!

Interested? Just show up! At Esquimalt Gorge Park Pavilion or on Zoom.

No need to register yet! — just come to a newcomer orientation session at 6:30pm, either in person on one of the first two Tuesdays of the season (Feb. 20 or 27) or on Zoom on one of the first two Thursdays of the season (Feb. 22 or 29!) — then join in the singing that starts at 7:00pm.

For full details, see our Join Us page!

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Interest in Gettin’ Higher Choir

Drop-In Singing Events Open to All!

Wednesday Evening “Sing-In” Events — on Zoom (and sometimes in person, too)

Need a mid-week lift to your spirit? Join Cathy & Dick for our drop-in Wednesday Evening Sing-In. We’ll meet in Barnard Park in Esquimalt when the weather is good, and always include a Zoom option for those from out of town, or who want to stay cosy at home. We’ll include songs that are satisfying and beautiful to sing and relatively easy to learn in a short time. There is no performance pressure, plenty of fun, and opportunities to connect with each other and build supportive community. Read more…

Register for "Wednesday Sing-In"

Click here to Register with Zoom for Cathy & Dick’s weekly Wednesday Evening Sing-In, 7:00–8:30pm Pacific Time. You will receive an email with instructions on connecting to the event, and then in the hours before each Sing-In, you’ll get another email with an updated link and password, and an email with lyrics for the day’s songs. See more details on the Wednesday Sing-In info page.

Thursday Midday “Outside Voices” – Outdoor Daytime Singing with Cathy & Dick:

Join us for a scenic oceanside walk with “Outside Voices” outdoor drop-in singing. Typically, we meet somewhere near the shore in Esquimalt around noon, and we alternate singing and walking the shoreline, wrapping up after about 90 minutes. We plan to be out every week, rain or shine, but please subscribe to get notices each Thursday by 10:00am, confirming the details of exactly where and when we will meet that day! The songs and the walking path we take are very accessible! Read more…

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For our drop-in Wednesday Evening Sing-Ins and Thursday Outside Voices, you need to sign up for email notices, but there is not a set fee—we want you singing with us! And if you feel that you can offer to contribute, the way you would for a movie or a yoga class, your gift will be gratefully received. (Note: we are not a registered charity)


“You will smile when you hear the Gettin’ Higher Choir it’s impossible not to. Each piece they perform is a celebration of the powerful humanity and sheer enjoyment! of singing”

Pat Wictor

Singer-songwriter, 2019 GHC Guest Artist

“The Gettin’ Higher Choir is an amazing, energetic phenomenon. Hundreds of people who love to sing and who seek community, are drawn toward the choir like bees toward nectar. The joy and enthusiasm that is generated when they sing is absolutely magnificent”

Ann Mortifee

Singer-songwriter, GHC Guest Artist