Riff Buddy

Riff Buddy is a free audio player created by Dale Shpak, former GHC Monday Tenor

~ A great way to learn songs with our parts files or other digital music files! ~

This free audio player allows us to play any section of any MP3 file (also wav and other audio files) repeatedly. Any bar, any group of bars, any verse, the chorus, the coda…whatever …you can pick it with “Riff Buddy”.

Having trouble singing (or playing) the notes in a particular 3 bar section?    No problem!    Find where that section begins (listen through or use the slider) and click on “Now” (next to the Start Time). Find where it ends and click on “Now” (next to the End Time). Click the play button and sing it ‘til you’ve got it!

You can download Riff Buddy to your computer now from this page at www.YellowDogSound.com

To use it for playing our MP3 parts files downloaded from our Members Only page to your computer.

Have fun!

If you would like to give Dale some feedback on your experience with the program to help him improve it please email him. He would appreciate it.

Special Note for CCLT Grads
If you are providing your members with parts files pass the above information on to them.

~ Bill