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the Kapasseni Project

“Through our shared love of African songs, the lives of the Gettin’ Higher Choir and of our little village Kapasseni have become magically interwoven. It has meant so much to the people of Kapasseni to know there are people on the other side of the world who care so deeply.”

—Perpetua Alfazema, Founder & Coordinator, Kapasseni Project

The Kapasseni Project is dedicated to assisting in the regeneration of Mozambique by providing children and their families with educational opportunities, medical assistance, community development and spiritual support.

The project was founded in 1995 by Mozambican refugees and long-time Victoria, BC residents Joseph and Perpetua Alfazema. The couple were moved to help their homeland after a 30-year war that destroyed schools, hospitals, cropland, churches, roads and the ability of the people to live healthy, self-sufficient lives.

photo at Kapasseni

Children eat a hot breakfast each morning before school. (photo by Ben Fox)

Moved to help make a difference, the Gettin’ Higher Choir has performed concerts for Kapasseni since 1999. With our help, the Kapasseni people have been able to:

The Alfazema’s story has been told in the televised documentary, Journey to Kapasseni, produced by Across Borders Media in Victoria. The complete 50-minute documentary is available below.

Twelve years later, Siobhan and a videographer returned, and a 30-minute follow-up video, Return to Kapasseni, was produced, again by Across Borders Media.

“We took on a little community in Mozambique in 1999, and we’ve been raising $10,000 to $25,000 a year since then. We’ve drilled wells, built a school, a health clinic and planted orchards. We’ve actually helped make Kapasseni into a community that has hope. We have a vested interest in what happens there. We know the names of the people who live there and that really helps.”

—Ann Mortifee, Singer, Songwriter,
Guest Artist with the Gettin’ Higher Choir