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Power of Hope Benefit Concerts with Fintan O’Brien

Friday, January 27, 2017, at 7:30pm
and Saturday, January 28, 2017, at 7:30pm

with special guest: Fintan O’Brien

generously sponsored by: Hollyhock

a benefit for: our 20th annual concert for The Power of Hope (learn more)

venue: Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora Ave, Victoria

4 Comments for “Power of Hope Benefit Concerts with Fintan O’Brien”

  1. Liz Ball (on January 31st, 2017) writes:

    Feedback to me from various friends on this concert:

    “As a non-church-goer, I think I’ve discovered my church in GHC. The
    whole experience is very therapeutic and uplifting for me.”

    “It was a great show. I loved all the variety, the male dancer was the best I’ve seen. I was going to ask if it was planned. Sounds like a wonderful choir. First time I had heard the full group.”

    “Why haven’t I come before? Won’t miss this again!”

    “I loved Enya’s “May It Be” which has been a solace song throughout my life, so I all but cried through it! We loved ‘Dennis training the audience to sing’, There is More Love, especially so early in the program. We loved the references to counter the issues of the last week, and all of Sara Thomsen’s songs, especially the protest one she sang at the end. Fintan’s easy humour was delightful, and I enjoyed their music too. Laurence Cole’s deep voice and lightness enhanced the wonder and the joy as did that choir man’s free dance. Over-all the concert was full of warm feeling, grace and connection which is the main reason we go. :-) “

  2. Bill Hanson (on January 31st, 2017) writes:

    While, as a member of the Admin team, I’m not sorry the pre-concert bizzies are over, as a choir member I would happily sing the concerts a few more times. Both nights were joyful with our talented guest artists Fintan, Cormac and Joe plus the rhythmic support, and great rap, from CCLT grad Laurence Cole. Saturday, however, had a couple of bonuses. The main one being a two other CCLT grads: Sara Thomsen (composer of two of our concert songs) and Maggie Wheeler who sang a great new song of Sara’s. A surprise bonus to all and sundry was choir tenor Kevin McGinn’s serendipitously spontaneous dance behind the band during one of Fintan’s songs for which Fintan and his band turned around and played and extra verse instrumentally in support of Kevin’s dance. Ad hoc art at its happiest!

  3. Julie Deans (on February 3rd, 2017) writes:

    What an amazing experience for this new singer to stand in the middle of such wonderful sound and be a little part of creating it. One week later I’m still in awe of it all. Now I understand where the name comes from! Thank you to all who helped me find my way and feel part of the GHC community.

  4. Marion Branch (on February 5th, 2017) writes:

    Comments from some Friday concert-goers. “A lot of talking, not enough singing…The performance should be tightened up (and shortened) to move along at a better pace…Maybe fewer guest songs or the guest band more integrated with the singers…it dragged a bit.”

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