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Mozambique Benefit Concerts with Rick Scott

Friday, June 12, 2015, at 7:30pm
and Saturday, June 13, 2015, at 7:30pm

with special guest: Rick Scott

Rick Scott is an award winning sing, songwriter and storyteller who combines music and laughter in his concerts. His gift for combining humor and poignant human commentary has earned him a devoted following from four generations in nine countries.

generously sponsored by: Hollyhock & Ladybird Communications

a benefit for: Caia District communities of Mozambique (learn more)

venue: Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora Ave, Victoria

4 Comments for “Mozambique Benefit Concerts with Rick Scott”

  1. Bill Hanson (on May 8th, 2015) writes:

    As always I am looking forward to our singing the great songs Denis and Shivon have lined up for us and this time I am particularly looking forward to having Rick Scott as our guest artist. He is a musical and performance phenomenon! He will lift everyone out of their seat without them even having to stand up!

  2. Cindy H (on June 13th, 2015) writes:

    What a fabulous, uplifting, intimate evening!!! As a 10 year choir member I took this session off (big regret) but was looking forward to attending the concert. The music was fabulous and I loved that Rick started the show – clever change up. Rick’s enthusiasm and very personal stories (granddaughter & friends death) were so touching. Sheri U and Beth N.C were the only other 2 guest artists that I believe brought the audience into their life in such a personal yet gentle and humorous way. Also, Rick turning to the choir during one of your songs to engage/encourage them for more than a brief moment was lovely and encouraging to the choir. Thank you Rick.
    Shivon – lovely, perky and humble as always
    Denis – eloquent, grounded and looked great

    See you in September.
    (yes, i could understand all the words :)

  3. Bill Hanson (on June 17th, 2015) writes:

    One of the best! Three times while singing Prayer of the Children I had to sing through tears. Denis’ arrangement of If I Had A Hammer was excellent and fun to sing (traditionally a sing-a-long song that the audience was advised not to try to sing along with ~ who would have expected that of the Gettin’ Higher Choir! Singing with Rick was was nothing short of Grrrrrrrreat!

  4. Audrey Glynn (on June 18th, 2015) writes:

    I was sooo sorry that I wasn’t in shape (as I’d hoped) to attend the concert but I gave my ticket to my eldest daughter who enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to singing with you all again in September.

    Until then, have a great, safe summer.

    Audrey Glynn

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