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Power of Hope Benefit Concerts with Teresa Doyle

Friday, January 30, 2015, at 7:30pm
and Saturday, January 31, 2015, at 7:30pm

with special guest: Teresa Doyle
and supporting musicians: Richard Moody, Oliver Swain, Patrick Bunston & Denis Donnelly

generously sponsored by: Hollyhock & Ladybird Communications

a benefit for: our 17th annual concert for The Power of Hope (learn more)

venue: Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora Ave, Victoria

5 Comments for “Power of Hope Benefit Concerts with Teresa Doyle”

  1. Bill Hanson (on December 28th, 2014) writes:

    I’m looking forward to having Teresa as our guest artist again. She was excellent at our June 2006 Common Ground concert and she deserves to be as well known here on the west coast as she to east coast audiences.

  2. Shelley Scott (on February 1st, 2015) writes:

    As an old long time member [1999], Saturday evenings’ Green Room was the most effervescent energies ever felt. I laughed lovingly as choir members sounded like 300 +++ Starlings in a big Sacred Sound Tree. I love how Friday and Saturday’s audience members smiled at ONE SKY and BOUNDARY PASSAGE, and most of all, OLD BLUE BRIDGE.

  3. Hilary Leighton (on February 1st, 2015) writes:

    Wow! I feel like I was participant in a richly textured and important musical conversation spanning heaven and earth! Interpretations of Wendell (the Mad Farmer) Berry’s poetry met with ambrosial waves of alleluia, and haunting sounds that seemed to echo off the very landscapes we are moved to protect from rude and savage plans…skies, fields, rivers and oceans of comings and goings that included dark and cautionary tales, deep ancestral roots and brimming celebratory buckets of love. Delicious, savouring it all still. Grateful for this community heART. Love Hilary

  4. Katherine Maas (on February 7th, 2015) writes:

    This was my first time singing in a GHC concert and a week later I’m still high! I’ve always thought there is nothing like live choral music, and being in the middle of the pack is the best way to experience it. I’m in awe of what we are able to do together. So much more than just the sum of us.

  5. Audrey Glynn (on February 11th, 2015) writes:

    Sooooo sorry that I couldn’t be there………..still no surgery date. I miss the choir so much! Guess I.ll miss the next session as well. Darn!! all the best to Shivon, Deniis, Gloria, Bill and the choir. ……….I’ sure it was wonderful……………….Audrey

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