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The Seventh Wave

Friday, February 7, 2014, at 7:30pm
and Saturday, February 8, 2014, at 7:30pm

with special guests: Oliver Swain’s BIG MACHINE

generously sponsored by: Hollyhock & Ladybird Communications

a benefit for: our 16th annual fundraiser for The Power of Hope (learn more)

venue: Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora Ave, Victoria

10 Comments for “The Seventh Wave”

  1. Bill Hanson (on January 11th, 2014) writes:

    I’m really enjoying this season’s songs and looking forward to singing them in concert with all my choir mates.

    Given the quality of the players in Oliver Swain’s Big Machine I know they are going to be great!

    Happy days are here again!

  2. Sharon Collier (on January 17th, 2014) writes:

    I have three or four favourite songs in every season’s repertoire, songs that really grab me in some way … the fabulous gospel-themed Hallelujah, for example. I believe that Shivon and Denis are absolutely masterful in their song choices … songs that are fun, varied, moving, meaningful and so very uplifting! I am awed by Denis’s ability to create such complex arrangements that really work … Love is the Seventh Wave, for example, and my favourite from last season … Woodstock.
    Thank you Shivon and Denis!

  3. Lorna Wood (on February 8th, 2014) writes:

    Thanks so much for last night. It was the most congruent concert of yours I have been to yet. In the past few concerts there has been quite a break from the choir’s heartfelt music and the guest artists with other agendas and Iusually felt wrenched out of a open and beautiful sacred place that the choir had created, with harsh protest songs, or loud music that was not from the heart.

    And I felt often preached to and exhorted by the people from the Power of Hope. (The tone was that if I didn’t contribute extra money I was a horrible person)
    Last night was vastly different though. You kept the same tone and open, caring, creative music with Warren, Lawrence and Oliver. You gave a delightful, musical concert and I am very grateful. You matched last week’s Chor Leoni concert! at least, for me!

  4. J. Scott (on February 9th, 2014) writes:

    Best After Party Ever!

    Warren, Laurence, Charlie, Oliver, Shivon & Dennis all leading us in song!
    It was so much fun. Ah the sweet fun on singing in community…

  5. Ernie Sketchely (on February 10th, 2014) writes:

    Great concerts fellow choir mates. Thanks to Shivon and Denis for sculpting our songs and presentation.
    At each concert, I continue to appreciate how Deborah Millar coached our “Authentic Voice”.

    Enjoyed the after party, it is so neat to be with our guests who are gracious and enjoy singing just like us.

  6. Jim shawcross (on February 10th, 2014) writes:

    Our family and friends attended the concert on Saturday night and I have to say we all were VERY impressed. I was especially proud of my wife for achieving her dream of singing for an audience. This was a really entertaining and moving night and I would highly recommend it.

  7. Liz Ball (on February 11th, 2014) writes:

    Sharing excerpts from emails I received from friends who were at the concert(s). Thanks to all choristers and our amazing directors!

    “The choir is inspiring and we are now new fans of Oliver Swain!”

    “Your [the choir] performance was out-of-this-world.”

    “You guys were phenomenal! I was close to tears listening to y’all – I kid you not! And …, Shivon’s steppin’ was such a hit.”

    “Loved the variety with the rap singer and the choir backing up Oliver…”

  8. Julia James (on February 11th, 2014) writes:

    What a joy to sing with the Gettin’ Higher Choir and all our wonderful guest artists last weekend! Here are a couple of comments I received from friends in the audience:

    “I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your concert, the choir is amazing it made even me feel like singing. I am so glad that I finally made it to hear you!” Annette

    “What a wonderful concert. You all were fabulous. It was a real treat to be there. A fantastic eclectic variety of uplifting music. We were too pooped to join the after party, but we find ourselves at home now bopping to Love is the Seventh Wave and humming The Parting Glass. Gosh it’s great having musical friends.” Cathy

  9. Georgia Ramos (on February 13th, 2014) writes:

    It is one week after the concert and I am still high. Thanks to all who sang with big open hearts, who directed us, and those who helped in so many other ways to make it a success.
    This is my second concert with the choir. I thoroughly enjoyed last spring’s concert, but this one somehow knocked it out of the ballpark for me. My family and friends were enthusiastic in their praise. Other friends who weren’t there have requested tickets for next June’s concert!

  10. Lee McLeod (on February 14th, 2014) writes:

    My friend and partner Mary Lou, who’s sung often with GHC and the High Noon choir, and who was in the audience Saturday night, told me it was the best GHC concert she’d heard, especially because of the variety of music.
    Then yesterday this came via email from a professional colleague: “We were in the fourth row near the center aisle for your choir’s concert last Saturday. You guys were awesome. Good to see you belting your heart out up there.”
    And finally, a fellow T’ai Chi student, also there Saturday night, was still enthusing over the quality of Oliver Swain’s voice at our practice this week.

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