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Across the Universe

Friday, June 14, 2013, at 7:30pm
and Saturday, June 15, 2013, at 7:30pm

with special guests: Beth Nielsen Chapman

generously sponsored by: Hollyhock, Island Blue Print & Ladybird Communications

a benefit for: Caia District communities of Mozambique (learn more)

venue: Alix Goolden Hall, 907 Pandora Ave, Victoria

10 Comments for “Across the Universe”

  1. Bill Hanson (on May 8th, 2013) writes:

    Here we go again, making harmony flow again, takin’ a chance on song!

    Actually it’s not much of a chance. In fact, if we want to lift our spirits and create joyful community, it’s the closest thing to a sure bet that there is!

  2. Rhianna (on May 31st, 2013) writes:

    I can’t wait! I’ll be singing with 200+ of my dear friends, a great singer songwriter, for a great cause!

  3. Jackie (on June 15th, 2013) writes:

    It was so much fun!!!

  4. Anu Patel (on June 16th, 2013) writes:

    Congratulations GHC! You looked and sounded great last night! Loved the African medley at the start. It was fun singing along to the old tunes too. All the sections sounded tighter than ever. Only wish you sang more songs!

  5. Kelly Townsend (on June 19th, 2013) writes:

    I am so pleased to have witnessed this concert ‘happening’! The calibre of choral singing was really great. Tears rolled down my face for every one of Denis’s arrangments of Beth Nielsen Chapman’s songs. WOW! What a powerful and artful combo! I was seated in the balcony and had the chance to watch Beth standing in stained glass light drinking you all in as you delivered her material. She looked simply blissful! Love!

  6. Shelley Scott (on June 19th, 2013) writes:

    I continue to come across people who have thoroughly enjoyed attending this recently performed “Across The Universe” concert. It warms the heart to learn of those sharing and experiencing such musical happiness resonating throughout the various municipalities in Greater Victoria area…good vibes from good folks! Mission accomplished and Bravo!

  7. Lynn (on June 20th, 2013) writes:

    After a year away it was uplifting to sing with everyone again!
    Thanks to Beth for making being back-up singers so much fun!
    It makes me feel wonderful to be part of such a benevolent group that sends money to an area (Mozambique) that is in much greater need than us.

  8. Bert (on June 21st, 2013) writes:

    This is my fourth concert and they all have been very positive experiences and the heart energy we create is a gift to everyone, us, the audience and all the volunteers. Consistently, the people I invite say they enjoy our choir more than the guest artists probably because of this heart energy.

    In this concert, I felt our encore missed the mark. We ended with the very moving African national anthem and followed up with a pop song that I felt dispersed the energy that had been growing throughout the evening. Somehow I would like us to balance the need to acknowledge our guest performers whilst still spotlighting the choir.

  9. Marsha (on June 21st, 2013) writes:

    This was my first concert with GHC and I found it to be the most amazing and uplifting experience. A week later and I still have the songs running through my head every day (and I’m still loving them). Everyone did such a great job and I thought the concerts were wonderful from the first note to the last (including the encore, which was high energy and a lot of fun — a great way to end the concert).

  10. Deanna (on July 21st, 2013) writes:

    This was my first time attending a GHC performance and I was certainly not disappointed. The energy exuded by the performers was so incredibly positive and uplifting and kudos to your director and guest artist for drawing the audience in and including them in the performance at times. Your guest artist was a joy – so energetic and sincere. She looked positively blissful while she was standing in the balcony observing the GHC perform her material before she joined in.
    What a great event – well done everyone!!

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