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One World

Friday, June 10, 2011, at 7:30pm
and Saturday, June 11, 2011, at 7:30pm

special guest: Kinobe

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a benefit for: our 13th annual concert for Mozambique

venue: Alix Goolden Performance Hall, 907 Pandora Ave., Victoria

11 Comments for “One World”

  1. Bill (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    Marilyn Wigmore (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    I’m sure, like me, you are all still basking in the glow of our lovely concerts. Aren’t we such a lucky bunch to be part of this amazing choir community!
    Thanks, as always, to Shivon and Denis for your incredible talents and spirit (and patience! :) – and to all of you – I appreciate you so much!

  2. Shelley Scott (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    Fabulous concerts, my guests remarked “at how clear the pronunciation was in G.H.C.’s songs”-[mission accomplished!]. Thank you to Shivon and Denis for having such wonderful guest soloists…Kinobe is beyond words…sacred and beautiful to the spirit…as is the choir! Choral Love & Singing Hugs To All!

  3. Bill Hanson (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    What a treat! The singing was a joy. My favourite song was each one as as we sang it! During the sound check when I was preparing for the presentation of the birthday gifts to Shivon and Denis I spent a few minutes at the back of the hall enjoying the auditory feast of your harmonies and the visual symphony of your black and bright stage dress. You sounded and looked great.

    Many of the things that went on around the concert gave me the warm fuzzies. Gifting Shivon and Denis, the biggest ever scholarship fund, the generous response to my fan request, the caring and support for Kinobe and all the singing at the after party.

    It has been a wonderful season all round and I enjoyed it immensely but I must admit that I’m very happy at the moment to have a space in time to relax and to contemplate. For the moment at least I am happy the season is over but I know that in a day or two I will be looking forward to this summer’s “Two Toonies for Tunes on Tuesdays” drop-in sings as well as to our Fall season. May it ever be so!

    Sing in joy one and all


  4. VICKY KRAVCHENKO (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    I was seated first row centre of the balcony in the audience. I understand from my husband, choir members were told to wear ” colour “…. And you did…..the ocean of colour as you arranged yourselves at the front was so fitting for the spiritedness of the singing…..I couldn’t help but feel uplifted before you all began to sing – such a gift you gave us all…sight and sound in motion….
    thank you!

  5. Jinx Barber (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    As a choir member ( but away for some of this term ) I was sitting watching in the audience , it was impossible not to sing along and be taken away and up by the pull and power and positive energy of all on the stage. When the guest singers are individually applauded what I wished is for every and each one of you all to come forward and have a light shine upon all of you: for all of you make this an incredible gift to all of the audience and beyond that. Perhaps all the positiveness of our voices, from all the singing from Earth form a auditory memory in some special place way up in the atmosphere, imagine such a place! Blessings to all….

  6. Soshin McMurchy (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    Thank you for this wonderful evening of song. The choir was vibrant and clear and just luscious. The work of this choir to help with the education of children in Mozambique feeds the soul, and your fabulous young guest Kinobe was enthralling, taking us to visit the cows at milking time, and sharing the beauty of his culture and that of neighbouring countries in the vast continent of Africa. We even had a small musical taste of night life in Kapasseni.
    And the audience had parts to sing too!

  7. Audrey Glynn (on June 12th, 2011) writes:

    WOW!!!! There aren’t enough words to express what I’m feeling. Several times, I couldn’t sing ..I was so choked with emotion. The wonderful, powerful energy surrounding me, the fantastic audience response…….and Kinobe!! What a doll!! and so very humble and talented.
    All the comments I have heard have been glowing….from the singing, the colourfulness of our dress and the plaudits for Shivon and Denis ( which I wholeheartedly agree) It couldn’t have been better…….and that goes for the after party as well.
    Many thanks to all!!

  8. ann wilmut (on June 13th, 2011) writes:

    Singing on Saturday night was such a joy. Kinobe was simply beautiful; soft, engaging and humourous. A lovely gentle man with a deep resonant voice. My fellow choir members were so focused I felt a wave of oneness. And watching Denis and Shivon so intent on making this the greatest experience for everyone was heart filling. Thank you all for the gift of music and community.

  9. Linn McKeown (on June 13th, 2011) writes:

    Singing with this choir is an experience to cherish forever. And my first concert experience at the end of the season is to cherish for ever and ever!
    I will always remember with gratitude, my opportunity to sing with this wonderful group of people. Their generosity of spirit is amazing … as indicated in their welcoming support of new members, Kinobe, Africa, and of the lost keys and cell phone …
    My deepest gratitude goes to all the singers, who unaware, were healing my previously paralyzed vocal chord.
    Sometimes during practice, and more at the beginning, I just held my throat loose and focused on the vibrating sounds of the voices resonating in my throat … truly an amazing healing experience. Try it sometime … not all at once or – it won’t work … and … Shivon / Denis will have one of “those moments!”
    With deep gratitude, I give thanks to the support of Gloria and Bill, to the amazing singers, and … to Shivon and Denis … for making it all happen.

  10. Kirstine (on June 13th, 2011) writes:

    As always, the concert was a treat, may be even more so this time. It was wonderful to sing with Knobe. What a talented musician he is. It was also a treat to be able to stay focussed and not be distracted by a photographer standing and moving between the audience and choir continuously. I think there was a photographer or two, but the fact that he/they were hardly noticed was very much appreciated.
    Thanks to all who participated for making it an enjoyable success!

  11. Shivon (on June 15th, 2011) writes:

    To all who sang in ONE WORLD:
    I was thrilled with both concerts. Your absolute focus on us as directors, and beautiful delivery of the music, with clear enunciation and heartfelt connection to the words, your colorful and joyful presence – all combined to make us so proud of you. Your kindness to Kinobe was so touching, and I’m sure it erased all the stress of the mysterious disappearance of his keys and cell phone.
    Thank you all for your tremendous effort and dedication. You make it such a pleasure for me!

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