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Rich from the Journey

Friday, January 28, 2011, at 2:00pm
and Sunday, January 30, 2011, at 2:00pm

special guests: Kim Willoughby & Rick Bockner

a benefit for: our 13th annual benefit concert for The Power of Hope (learn more)

venue: Alix Goolden Performance Hall, 907 Pandora Ave., Victoria

10 Comments for “Rich from the Journey”

  1. Val MacDonald (Tues Alto) (on June 15th, 2009) writes:

    Congratulations to all of the beautiful singers on Saturday evening. I, like Bill, chose to let go of trying to learn the words/harmonies and singing the concert this time and used my comp ticket to attend with my husband.
    I loved sitting back and listening to you sing – I cried the whole first set at how beautiful and moving the music was! I was fortunate to know some of the songs to sing along.
    Thank you for an amazing evening – I can’t wait to get back in the fall!

  2. Marusha Taylor (on June 15th, 2009) writes:

    I’m not sure which was more surreal: finding myself singing behind folk-hero Valdy onstage at the renowned Alix Goolden Hall, or realizing that I actually HAD learned all the words to “Ila Gi Ya Mozambique”! Astonishing in either case… For someone who had never heard herself sing a note (even in the shower) before November, I was amazed at how natural it felt to stand among you all and deliver that repertoire. It was so easy and so much fun, I wanted it to go on for hours. It was truly one enchanted evening. Thank you Shivon and Denis for your inspired leadership (and musical arrangements), Deborah for her magical ability to pull sound up from the soles of our boots, and Gloria and Bill for working so hard to keep it all happening. Many thanks to the harmonious GHC choristers for demonstrating once again that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. It has been a privilege. Namaste — Marusha (Thursday alto)

  3. Jean Ann Anderson (on June 18th, 2009) writes:

    Once again the huge success of the “Getting Higher Choir” performing to sold out audiences is due to the orchestrated and fine tuning of two great directors, Shivon Robinsong & Denis Donnelly, for their hard work, dedication & passion. Everything they do is a wonderful & glorious exploration of harmonies.

    The arrangements of song were vibrant, exuberant, buoyant, intoxicating & extremely uplifting. And the performance put us all in a place we want to be and that is truly magical.

    Profoundly beautiful and brilliantly arranged and directed by Denis was ‘Hard Times’, a song that is a cry to all of Humanity as it touches the core of our very existence and so memorably soulful, the tune will live in our hearts forever.

    And Shivon in her elegance and skill as she directed her well spring of support shared with those who have fallen in love with her passion for Africa. Her songs, Il Gi Ya, Mozambique & N’Kosi SiKelel’l Afrika, captivated the audience with its strong clarity of sound that echoed through the night and vibrated through our bodies as we sang so passionately.

    The night was filled with such energy and harmony by Valdy and we were all a little awestruck by his performance. With his ability to understand the power of narrative, he tells his story through song and mesmerized his audience with such bracing, energetic, beautiful and hearfelt songs. The audience and choir moved to the rhythm of his songs, as his nimble fingers provided and excellent touch and lightness to his music with ballet like dance steps he floated and created a lightness of ease. And even with a gentle touch of a comic actor that delighted the audience, as they moved and swayed and tapped their feet with delight.

    And to a standing ovation as we shared the stage with Valdy we were all so beautifully choreographed, complementing each other that was intoxicating and sent chills through our spines and created a euphoria of delight to be forever remembered.

    With gratitude for this memorable opportunity to sing!

  4. Marusha Taylor (on July 4th, 2009) writes:

    (Some comments sent by one of my guests at the Saturday concert, in her own words:)

    “One thing that I especially enjoyed was that all singers were enjoying their singing. This is reflecting in an intelligent smile and a better rendition of every selection.

    It was most delightful to see that many singers of varied ages to sing without a folder of the score. This allows the singer to project much better and also follow the director’s every subtle indication – excellent considering the large number of singers and such a wide range as to age. Most impressive.

    I was impressed with the directors who didn’t get the attention of the crowd but rather kept every one as a unit and consequently the whole choir sand in unison.

    One thing I would have liked to see is more facial expression when going from one portion to the next. I realize that some singers had to concentrate on remembering the lyrics. If I were conducting such a wonderful group I’d emphasize the feelings and not just the story. To make this clear allow me to illustrate what I mean: every singer ought to show their emotional response whether it’s joy or sadness & everything in between.

    General reaction: the songs were well varied, the singers (for the most part) knew the lyrics and music& above all no singer dominated the group – great unison from start to finish.”

  5. Caroline (on January 30th, 2011) writes:

    So what was your “fragment of perfection”? For me, it was being a part of an amazing concert and helping out with the first ever live GHC wedding proposal. Then coming home, walking the dog down on the dock, and warming up in a luxurious bath with a glass of wine and Rick Bockner’s CD playing. Perfection :)

    Thanks everyone.

  6. Bill Hanson (on January 30th, 2011) writes:

    Love and happiness for everyone there. Great fun. Not an empty heart in the house when Niilo proposed to Sara.

    Tasted so good I want more. Only two weeks until the Spring season with lots of veterans and a bunch of new voices to expand this wonderful community of songs and singers.

    See you singing!


  7. Shelley Scott (on February 1st, 2011) writes:

    Although the G.H.C. Concert was titled RICH FROM THE JOURNEY, with all the quick changes and challenges to this performance…Rick Bockner’s COSMIC LULLABY’s lyrics became the magical coping theme. Everyone new and old, pulled together and supported magnificently. Rick Bockner’s FRAGMENTS seemed to really touch those of us in choir who have physical challenges and ailments; “we” seemed to be drawn to those lyrics like smiling moths to a healing cosmic flame. After 12 years of singing with G.H.C. – this was truly an amazing collaboration. Wow and Bravo!

  8. margaret hunt (on February 1st, 2011) writes:

    my friend, sharon, and i TOTALLY enjoyed your concert on saturday.
    especially loved FRAGMENTS, and REQUIEM.
    it is possible to get the words to these wonderful songs!!!!!

    and the proposal!!! i don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.
    love lives on!

    thank you to my doctor, Peter Meyers and his receptionist, sandy
    for the tickets. kudos to them.

  9. Claire Ebendinger (on February 3rd, 2011) writes:

    It was such a relaxed, good mood concert, well planned with “last minute” changes. It was easy to keep smiling all along, except for Love and Happiness. I almost cried each time I sang the “deepest dark”, thinking of my friends/children who have already been in that place, and pulled it thorough, thanks to the Love they received. Yes, we sing about the good-juicy and the difficult-challenging parts of life.
    Rich with variety … from song selection to directing, and the proposal, all of it very heartwarming.
    It’s so nice to have our local talents on stage (yeaaah Kim! and musicians).
    Balconies need to be lit; a friend told me she couldn’t see any of us up there, as confirmed on the Youtube.
    Looking forward to the next session !

  10. Leaidan (on July 23rd, 2011) writes:

    If information were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

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