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"In Concert with Coastline " ~ January 29 & 30, 2016

Concerts at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, BC in support of the Power of Hope

The Gettin' Higher Choir Concert
Directed by Siobhan Robinsong & Denis Donnelly


Videos by a Coastline Supporter
Coastline Youtube Channel
(1st 10 videos on the page)

Videos by Howard Dieno
These videos can also be viewed on YouTube

Wedding Waltz
  Mairi's Wedding
GHC & Coastline
What Difference
Coastline Quintet
Somewhere Along The Road
GHC & Tuli (cello)
Mouth Music
  On Children
In Our World
  With A Little Help From Our Friends

The Gettin' Higher Choir After Party
Directed by the whim of the party people

Katherine Maas, GHC Tenor
Coastline - ????   GHC - The Hills Of Galway


"In Concert with Teresa Doyle & Patrick Bunston" ~ January 30 & 31, 2015

Concerts at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, BC in support of the Power of Hope

The Gettin' Higher Choir
Directed by Siobhan Robinsong & Denis Donnelly

Videos by Howard Dieno
These videos can also be viewed on YouTube

  Bucket Of Love     Both Sides Now 

Pussy Willows, Cattails,...    One Sky                          

  Boundary Passage     Song For The Mira   

To see and hear:
4 more of our concert songs (2 with Teresa)
6 songs from Teresa's and Patrick's set
6 video clips of our after Pary
Visit Howard's YouTube Channel


"In Concert with Shari Ulrich" - June 13 & 14/14

Concerts at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, BC in support of the Caia Connection, Mozambique

Facebook Video link provided by
Mary-Wynne Ashford
You have to be a logged-in Facebook user to see it
but we hope to make it more generally accessible in the future.


Directed by Siobhan Robinsong, Arranged by Denis Donnelly
Puppet interlude featuring Pam Liebich & Mary-Wynne Ashford


"The Seventh Wave " ~ February 7 & 8, 2014

Concerts at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, BC in support of the Power of Hope

The Gettin' Higher Choir
Directed by Siobhan Robinsong & Denis Donnelly

Videos by Howard Dieno



"BBBS SWAT " ~ January 15, 2013

A Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Big Brothers / Big Sisters
at Greater Victoria Library's downtown branch Atrium

Approx. 50 members of the Gettin' Higher Choir
Directed by Siobhan Robinsong, Arranged by Denis Donnelly
Song: "Chain Of Life" composed by Susan Osborn
Video by Andrew Kielbowicz


"When I Sing " ~ June 8 & 9, 2012

Concerts at Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, BC in support of Mozambique

The Gettin' Higher Choir with guest artists Soundings
Directed by Denis Donnelly

Videos by Callum Blades


"Rich From The Journey " ~ January 28 & 30, 2011

Concerts in support of The Power Of Hope

Surprise Wedding Proposal By Choir
Choir members Niilo Van Steinburg & Sara McLaughlin
Facilitated by Director Siobhan Robinsong


"The Golden Apples Of The Sun" ~ June 4 & 5, 2010

Concerts in support of Mozambique on

Shot on Friday June 4 by Peter Savage, former GHC Thursday Bass,
using equipment provided by Howard Dieno, GHC Tuesday Tenor


Open Up Your Heart

Something Opens Our Wings
/The Breeze At Dawn

For This We Stand

The Song Of
Wandering Angeus

Let This Moment
Like A Blessing Be

I Still Haven't Found
What I'm Looking For

How We Love

Nada te Turbe
With Gina Sala

N'Kosi Sikell'i

I Bid You Goodnight
With Gina Sala

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"Every Road Leads Home" ~ January 29 & 31, 2010

A concert in support of The Power Of Hope
(all but the "ground floor perspective" of Amazing Grace
were shot by Howard Dieno GHC Tuesday Tenor)

Amazing Grace
(ground floor perspective)
Also on: YouTube

Amazing Grace
(balcony perspective)
Also on: YouTube

Breath In The Pain
Also on: YouTube

Common Ground

Irish Heartbeat
Also on: YouTube

Love Rescue Me

One Voice
View on: YouTube

Prayer Of The Children
View on; YouTube

Shower The People
Also on: YouTube

Teach Your Children
View on: YouTube

Bonus Audio File
Shari's CFAX Interview

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"Rally For The Arts " ~ October 20, 2009

A SWAT in support of maintaining arts funding in BC

We Are The Ones
View on:  YouTube


"Woyaya, Dreaming in 4 part harmony" ~ June 2009

Concerts in support of projects in Mozambique

Ila Gi Ya Mozambique

My husband was playing around with a tiny
new camera during the Saturday night
concert and did a video clip of
"Honey in the Rock". 
 He missed the first couple of seconds
but otherwise recorded the whole thing.   
~ Myrna Fisher, GHC Tuesday Alto

Sweet Honey In The Rock

"The String Choir Incident" February 1, 2008

A Fiddle Student Showcase by guest artists The BC Fiddle Orchestra"

"Reel Medley"
View on:  YouTube


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A Power of Hope Video

A glimpse into a PoH camp as an introduction to this great organization that we have been supporting with our winter concerts for more than a decade.

To view click here

Jouney to Kapasseni 1999

A film about the 1998/9 beginning of the Gettin' Higher Choir's involvement with the people of Mozambique via the Kapasseni Project. This video shows the reasons for initial involvement and the difference it made for the villagers of Kapasseni.  That involvement has since evolved into a wider involvement in that country via our support of the Caia Connection.  With our support the Kapasseni Project has been so successful in helping the people of Kapasseni to turn their lives around after 30 years of civil war in Mozambique that in recent years we have been expanding our support to other projects and communities in the area. 

View on Youtube  Summer 1999

Produced by Bill Weaver of Across Borders Media (Cinematographer Ben Fox)

Kapasseni Update 2003

Video footage taken four years after the the first visit documented in "Journey To Kapasseni".

To view click here (a bit slow loading be patient)

Filmed and edited by Ben Fox

Return to Kapasseni 2011

A 30 minute documentary produced 12 years after the the first visit to Mozambique to build a school for the children of the village of Kapasseni. It documents the success of the of the partnership between many citizens of Victoria, B.C., and those of Kapasseni in the recovery of the village from the devastation of a 30 year civil war.  It also shows the broadening of the partnership to encompass other communities in the Kapasseni area with the Kapasseni project as a successful working model.

View on Youtube  Summer 2011

Produced by Bill Weaver of Across Borders Media (Cinematographer Ben Fox)

The Tree Of Life Celebration

The GHC's visit to the Walbran Valley as part of creating a work of "Arial Art"

View on  YouTube   October 2004

"Siobhan and the Gettin' Higher Choir"

A clip from the documentary "Sing"

View on  Date Unknown
      (currently un-available - working on it)

A film by Bill Weaver from Across Borders Media

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Shaw Cable Video made at the Thursday Jan. 20/16 practice.

 View on Youtube

InterGenerational Day Promo ~ Chain Of Life

Members of the GHC were filmed in the Church of Truth singing Susan Osborns song Chain Of Life On May 7, 213 for this Intergenerational Day promo video.

Siobhan & Joel CBC Interview Re: Siobhan gifting a kidney to her friend Joel

View on:    Fall 2007

See also our "Honouring Siobhan - October 16, 2007" web page for more information and some photos

CHEK TV news feature on the choir and Kapasseni.

Hosted on this site:  Large image    Small image  March 12th 2008

Our thanks to Chris Gower Rees, former GHC & Soundings Tenor and current video whizzzzhard who copied the broadcast, made these Quicktime videos and passed them along to me to post on our web site for you view and, if you wish, to download a copy of your own.   Thanks also to Lori McElroy, GHC Tuesday Tenor who originally brought this video to our attention.

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Have you, or anyone you know, taken videos of any choir concert, SWAT or other event?   If so, please share them with the rest of the choir through this web page. Contact Us

Aura Arindam, GHC Thursday Soprano, took this casual video at the Gorge Canada Day Picnic SWAT

Denis's new style of conducting for Lay Back In The Arms Of Love at the May 31st Monday practice.  It's a bit slow to load for such a short video but worth the wait.  Especially for the prospective choral conductors among us looking for methods to make conducting more laid back.

Victoria Mile Zero SWAT: Walk4Justice2008 send off

View on:  YouTube   June 19, 2008

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