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Choir Life: The GHC's Honouring Fund

Traditionally at the end of many dance, theatre, orchestral and choral performances the various principals, soloists and guest performers are presented with bouquets by the company members in honor of their contribution to the event.  These bouquets are often paid for by a collection taken up among the company's members in the weeks prior to the performance.

Honouring Bouquet
photo by Andrew Kielbowicz, choir photographer and former GHC Bass

Up until our Kapasseni concert in June of 2003 the members of the Getting' Higher Choir followed that tradition. Since that concert our choir has been creating a new tradition.   The money we used to spend on perishable flowers now goes to long term practical purposes that provide lasting legacies.   At each concert we donate what we have collected among ourselves to a Scholarship Fund in the names of those we wish to honour for sharing the stage with us in our end of session concerts.  That fund is then used as follows.

At the end of our Fall session in late January or early February our Honouring Fund is dedicated to providing scholarships for Youth to attend one of the Power of Hope Camps.  To learn more about The Power Of Hope and/or to view a photo essay of the participants at one of those camps please click on:

The Power Of Hope 
Power to the Kids ~ A Photo Essay

At the first Kapasseni concert after we stopped buying bouquets our Honouring Fund was used to start an orchard in Kapasseni.  For all subsequent Kapasseni concerts, and currently when our June benefit concerts include other projects in Mozambique, our Honouring Fund has been used to provide scholarships for Kapasseni school children who have to live away from home to continue their education.

For information about the Kapasseni Project please click on:

Journey To Kapasseni
A video on how the project started

Return To Kapasseni
The village 3 years later

Sarah Petrescu's article
Times Colonist, March 23/07

The Kapasseni Project
Includes newsletters from the beginning to the present

For information about other projects in Mozambique that our June concerts now benefit please click on:

The Kuwangisana Project

Caia Connection

Ray Of Hope

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