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Choir Life: FAQs For New Singers

What is the style of the choir?

The Gettin’ Higher Choir sings out the simple philosophy that singing is our birthright; an essential activity for personal and community health and vitality. This "come as you are" choir brings together a diverse group of three hundred + singers, who are re-discovering the joy of singing. We are not associated with any religion or spiritual path, but seek to embrace and celebrate humanity’s highest aspirations through music and to re-integrate singing into the daily routines of life.


We sing for the pure joy and pleasure it gives us, in an atmosphere that is fun, relaxed, and accepting. Our repertoire consists of songs from many cultures, traditional and new, with meaningful and relevant content, mainly a capella (unaccompanied) in 4-part harmony.


What is the mix of people--younger folks and older folks too?

People of all ages from all walks of life. In past we have had sessions in which the age range was as much as from 2 to 92 but usually it is from teenagers to goldenagers with the majority in the 45 to 65 age range.

What nights do you sing?

There are three chapters of the choir, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Each group sings the same concert oriented material each week but other songs happen according to choir member request or director impulse. Singers are welcome to choose the night that works best for them each week and free to come extra nights if they want.


How much experience do I need?

As much, or as little, as you have is ok with us. There is no audition, and no singing experience is required, just a desire to sing in harmony with others. In fact from session to session 60 -70% of our new members start with hesitations about their voice and/or their ability to use it. Since the choir is based on the absolute belief that all voices can sing those hesitations inevitably fade away as they relax into our very open and welcoming community of singers.


When can I join?

We welcome new members at the beginning of each season, generally in mid-September and mid-February.  The specific dates in those time periods can be found on our Calendar in our site's Choir Life section

What does it cost to sing in the choir?

The regular fees are $175 for each season with special financial arrangements avaialble as needed. The bottom line is that no one needs to miss choir because of money.  For more details see Fee Information on this site's Choir Life: Home page and/or discuss the art of the possible with specific reference to your needs by contacting our registrar.


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