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GHC Co-Directors

Leading & teaching, choir experience feedback, song suggestions, repertoire selection, performance requests

photo by Andrew Kielbowicz,

Siobhan Robinsong        
     Gettin' Higher Choir
     & High Noon Choir

photo by Andrew Kielbowicz,

Denis Donnelly        
     Gettin' Higher Choir
     & Soundings Vocal Ensemble


GHC Registration, Communications
and "Choir Life" Web Admin

General queries, registration, newsletter, web feedback:

Bill Hanson's Photo
Photo by Alan Klughammer

Bill Hanson
          250-920-4160 (9 to 9 daily)

Please note: If the above email address should kickback to you as undeliverable please send your message again to and notify me of the problem.

GHC Director's Asst.
plus HNC & CCLT Registrar

General queries, current sheet music, concert tickets

photo by Andrew Kielbowicz,

Gloria Hansen