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Please note

Most of the photographs accessible from these pages were provided by two professional photographers who volunteered their services. Their photos are copyrighted materials but are available to you here to download for your personal photo collections. If you want any of their photos for any commercial purpose please contact them as described below to make arrangements.

Andrew Kielbowicz...
...a former GHC Bass who volunteered his services as GHC Photographer from 2002 to 2013.  At some of the later concerts his step-son Luca was his assistant and co-author of some photos.

For information about Andrew's professional services, rates, etc. please connect him via:
   Web Site:
   Phone:        250-884-4012

Bill Weaver..
...a photographer and videographer who is also the husband of GHC co-director Shivon Robingsong. He has many times over the years photographed and videoed the choir in concert, at rehearsals and various events. Two of his choir related video documentaries are accessible via this site's Choir Videos Page...Journey To Kapasseni (1999) and Return To Kapasseni (2011).

View some of Bill's other videos

A regular audience member who deserves special mention for the many photos he taken at concerts since 2014, and generously submitted to these pages, is:

Rand Collins...
...enthusiastic photographer and husband of GHC Alto Janie Collins.

Web Site:

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